OK! Skateboard Movie – Slovakian Skateboarding Scene

OK! Skateboard Movie - Slovakian Skateboarding Scene

After all of these holiday season dates, eating and drinking binges and changes on Europeskate I have obviously lost my head a bit. So a big sorry to Miro Gebel out of Slovakia who kindly contacted me a while back about a 40 minute (!!) video his crew out of Slovakia put together and I promptly forgot to put it online!

I like the back-to-the-roots style in this video and it’s great to see a good skate scene in a country which just doesn’t get much coverage. Here are some intro words from Miro himself: “we are a skate crew from Slovakia and we have released a new full
length OK! skateboard video. In this 40minutes long, pure street video you can find the best Slovak skaters like Miro Bodis, Brano
Mrvan, Michal Horecny or Marek Zaprazny. We have filmed it more than 2 years and traveled all over the Europe (you can find there footagefrom Paris, Berlin, Prague, Stockholm, Athens, Split or Alicante). OK! video is now avaliable on official site- http://www.okskatevideo.com/ where you can watch it, or even download in 3 different formats.”

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