Old school glass skate bowl video from the 70’s

Seventies glass bowl skating!

I had video link sent to me from the current.com guys who once and a while send me links to skate videos which are a bit different than your ordinary skate video. This one sports a glass bowl from back in the seventies (yeah, I was there, were you?) which looks pretty much like a ton of fun to ride. It is a quite cool concept to put the entire bowl out of the ground, supported by steel and slanted at something like 30 degress. You even have to climb a ladder to get to the entry area and yes, it’s all see-thru!

Sure would be fun to ride one of these things – okay, I admit it. I may be from the 70’s but I never did see one of these things in person. Enjoy, I especially like the good old music background with the extended guitar solo…classic!

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