One month later

This has been a month full of stuff not even having a scrap to do with this site…and that’s yet again the reason why things have been looking dismal around here. But I have been able to add in one (yeah 1 *haha*) site just today and I am cleaning up the front page to get more infos in again. But the concentration stays on a mapping tool for every type of skateable object in Europe – from ledge to ramp to pool to a cool sculpture. It doesn’t matter. And to make sure this project stays scalable, I need and want to figure out how to use the different viewpoints in Google Maps to be able to offer in-depth city knowledge in form of extra City Pages which will show all the points in a certain city.

This will need of course help from everyone out there and some set-up time from myself….let’s see how long this takes 🙂 I’m going skating afterwards, going to get myself back in the halfpipe tonight.

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