Oslo Games 2008 this coming weekend

Oslo Games 2008

Now it is about time I get around to informing you guys (sorry, and girls..) out there about what has happened with the Quart Games 2008 in Kristiansand, Norway which were supposed to start tomorrow in cooperation with the Quart Music Festival.

Unluckily, the Quart Music Festival went bankrupt and the entire event was left it seemed to die – this just 4 weeks before the event was planned to get going! The good thing is that there are still some very engaged people and companies out there that have rolled up their sleeves and moved mountains to make sure this event takes place.

Skateboarder Carl Edvard Heisholdt and pro snowboarder Terje Haakonsen contacted one of Norway’s largest banks which has sponsored skateboard ramps in the past for local communities and supposedly the same day they responded, confirming their interest in supporting this event with part of the necessary funding ($30,000 in the prize purse so any big contest for Europe!)

The Oslo City Chief Commissioner then declared that he would do everything in his power to help us get the competition to Oslo. He also helped the organisers of the event to get in contact with a Norwegian shipping brokerage which now has also contributed to the event with funding.

Here’s more info directly from the newly named Oslo Games website:

“The contest has now been officially relocated to the capital city, Oslo. Two established and well known street spots in the city have been selected by Henning to be part of the competition. In addition, a number of curbs, ledges and kickers will be built to compliment the existing obstacles. Oslo City Council has been tremendously helpful in getting us the necessary permission and even a competition day at the legendary spot in front of City Hall is in the works.

The Oslo Games will be held in conjunction with the Oslo Live music festival. All participants will receive free entry to the festival and plenty of time to enjoy the music, the beautiful outdoor venues, club gigs and the best parties ever.

Thanks and congratulations to everyone who has made this event possible!”

I’m happy to hear that enthusiastic skaters, snowboarders and ‘normal’ people from the government, businesses and the community have come together to keep this event alive. All the best for this event!

For more information, check the Oslo Games website.

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