P-Rod and Shaun White win 2008 AST Dew Tour Cleveland stop

2008 AST Dew Tour Cleveland

This contest didn’t turn up on my skate radar until this morning – bad reporting Johnny! – but what the heck, it does have a pretty funny sponsor name ( The Right Guard Open ). For those of you who don’t know the brand, it’s a deodorant company in the States. Hmm, well you do sweat when you skate don’t you? Okay, I’ll shut up while I’m still ahead!!

– Get all of the infos, picture, maybe even videos over on the official AST Dew Tour site.

Vert Finals

1st White, Shaun 92
2nd Lasek, Bucky 88.25
3rd Macdonald, Andy 87.25
4th Burnquist, Bob 83
5th Taylor, Adam 78.25
6th Millar, Renton 75.75
7th Stafford, Josh 74.75
8th Gagnon, Pierre-Luc 62.75
9th Menezes, Rodrigo 51.5
10th Halterman, Buster 50.75

Street Finals

1st Rodriguez, Paul 90.75
2nd Ortiz, Chaz 90.7
3rd Ramos, Rodolfo 88.5
4th Lutzka, Greg 85.85
5th Araujo Jr., Rodil 83.6
6th De Andrade, Carlos 77.45
7th Seaholm, Austen 82.25
8th Sheckler, Ryan 79.5
9th Santos, Fabrizio 73.5
10th Bartie, Chad 67.5
11th Brummet, Dayne 66.25
12th Therres, Mathieu 62.25

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