Pass Ports The Whole Of Community Skate Video

Now here’s a really dope skate video from down under entitled “The Whole Of Community” .- it’s been out for a few weeks now and was filmed and produced by the Australian brand Pass Port. Originally started in Brisbane, this skateboard/clothing/art oriented company is now based in Sydney and they have quite a great assortment of good-looking products sporting eye-catching designs and the video backs it all up with some solid skating by a nine-minute production featuring Glenn Wignall, Callum Paul, Glenn Palmer, Juan Okenawa, Will Brown, Bernie Foo and more.

They’ve got distributions in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Norway so keep your eyes peeled. Want to see more? » Check out Pass Port’s website and products right here!

* PASS PORT’S “THE WHOLE OF COMMUNITY” from Pass Port. on Vimeo.

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