Pat Duffy gets Epicly Later’d interview

The Epicly Later’d man Patrick O’Dell has been quite busy lately getting his interviews with some of skateboarding’s top skaters filmed, cut and pushed online to the VBS.TV platform. The next in line is yet another legend, Pat Duffy.

Another three part series dives into Pat Duffy’s experiences in skateboarding, depicting his history and allowing Pat to tell it in his words. Another time warp experience for me being able to see a lot of old footage included. Pat was one of the first pros to rip handrails apart and help put the Plan B team where it is today. He is known for his legendary video part in 1992’s “Questionable”, by Plan B Skateboards. This breakthrough level in skateboarding’s evolution was expanded upon with his video part in Plan B’s 1993 film “Virtual Reality”.

After the death of Plan B co-founder, Mike Ternasky, the company folded with the then current team parting ways. Duffy then joined Think skateboards, which he stayed with for a number of years before moving on to World Industries in 2005. In January 2006, Duffy accepted an invite to rejoin the newly reformed Plan B skateboards under Danny Way and Colin McKay.

You can get to the three episodes by clicking here…

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