Pat Duffy teams up with Macbeth

Pat Duffy joins Macbeth

Another skate legend gets in the news today as we just found out that Pat Duffy finally got a shoes sponsor – Macbeth. Seems to be a company trying to get into the skateboarding sector but maybe I just don’t what I’m talking about *hehe* I have never seen these shoes before so it would be good to hear from somebody out there about their experience with these shoes. I would guess that Pat Duffy wouldn’t go for just any pair of shoes! Here’s the official press release from Macbeth:


Macbeth is proud to announce that they have joined forces with professional skateboarder Pat Duffy to stake their claim in the skateboarding community. The Marin County born skateboarder joins Macbeth while skating for the world-renowned Plan B skateboard team. Duffy’s lifestyle is a great representation of the Macbeth culture because his love for skateboarding and playing the guitar aligns him with the brands rich history rooted in the music that has fueled a generation of skateboarders in Southern California. “Pat Duffy represents so much authenticity in the sport of skateboarding and we are very excited and honored to work with such a legend,” says Marketing Director Rick DeVoe.

Plans are in the works for a signature shoe designed by Duffy and the Macbeth design crew that will converge classic skate design with Macbeth’s signature low profile silhouettes. “I’m so excited to have been asked to join the MACBETH family,” claims Duffy, “I really dig the look, feel and whole vibe of the company. I look forward to getting started on building a clean line of good-looking, functional and kick ass skate shoes, with something for everybody!! MACBETH ROCKS!!!!”

ABOUT MACBETH: Macbeth Footwear was founded in 2002 by Tom Delonge of Angels Airwaves, formerly of Blink-182, to create casual, fashion-forward products that reflect the attitude and lifestyle of the music culture and community within Southern California. Macbeth is the first footwear company to use music as its anchor, combining the input of over 30 bands for it’s first footwear products and is also reflected in their recently launched Studio Projects; a series of collaborations between Macbeth and their family of Artists. Macbeth also has an extensive line of vegan shoes to support those that live a more conscious lifestyle. Macbeth products are distributed internationally and their range of products can be found in a range of retailers from fashion boutiques to major mall chains. For more information on Macbeth please visit

Pat Duffy and Macbeth ad
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