Paying In Pain – Never Trust The Preacher video

Paying In Pain video

Seems to be a week in skateboarding in which either most people/companies are asleep, down under (asleep) or just being smart and they are out skating somewhere and forgetting their computers. Good for you! As I’m stuck at work with only a little bit of spare time I decided to check out what some of the “smaller” sites and companies are up to.
And that’s how I discovered the guys at “Paying In Pain” who have put up a video going by the name “Never Trust The Preacher” starring Karma Tsocheff, Roberto Aleman, Tom Knox, Tim Garner, Dale Blackman, and some of the Visalia locals. A short collection of some mini ramp, backyard pool and concrete park riding – simply done with some good background music, well done guys!

Watch the video right here:

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