Pedro Barros talks with Europeskate

Pedro Barros talks with Europeskate

With the majority of skateboarders around the world not having access to vert ramps or even skateparks in their home towns, it’s quite obvious for me that the number of new top vert skaters is going to be a lot less than what we see happening in the street with incredibly talented skaters popping up everywhere.

Some calls have been heard lately that vert skating is fading out, all of the pros are getting older and barely any new blood is showing us that a new generation is coming. Well, that isn’t all true and there still are quite a few talented vert skaters out there. One of them has been showing his skills worldwide and at the young age of 14, he can already put his talent to the test against the top amateurs and pros skaters anywhere.

Who are we talking about? Pedro Barros. Just watching him skate makes me grin because he’s already well on his way to being one of THE top skaters in the next years to come. And what is even better: he took the time to send a bunch of pictures and answer are interview questions. Read up about what Pedro has to say and if you can see him live, do it!

Pedro Barros hitting the lip

To get this interview started, tell us who you are, where do you come from, which teams you skate for.

Pedro Barros, I come from Rio Tavares, it is a suburb of Florianopolis – an island in the south of Brazil. People know it as a Rio Tavares Mother Fucker R.T.M.F. I ride for Drop Dead, Volcom, Red Bull, Vans, Indy, Evoke, Type-S, Khiro and R.T.M.F.

When did you get started with skateboarding?

Actually since I know myself as a person I have been skateboarding. My dad said that I skate since I was one year old, but I can’t remember.

You belong to the new generation of top (vert) skaters that are pushing the limits. How does it feel to be one of those skaters other skaters look up to at such a young age?

I don’t like much of the idea to be target as a vert skater because I do skate much more bowls then vert, but I love vert too and I love to be in contests with all the guys I know around the world. About the feeling of being a top pro, for me it doesn’t matter if I am the top or not, it’s only good because you get invited to go to some contests in America.

Pedro Barros knows how to fly!

Where do you like to have skate sessions? Any special spots/parks/ramps in the world which you really like?

Rio Tavares Mother Fucker is my favorite ever. I have the Hi Adventure Bowl where I skate, my back yard vert ramp and the new bowl all in the same area. I love to skate with friends anywhere. In California I like the Combi Pool, Chickens pool, Runs Pool and Bobs house. In Brazil I like also the vert in the Roca bowl and Swell.

Which skaters do you like to session with? Do you have any skaters you think are just great?

My local boys here are who I skate with most of the time. Rodolfo Ramos, Wagner Ramos, Leo Kakinho, Mureta, Mad, Kosake and others. Besides these guys normally when I travel I love to be skating with Lincoln Ueda, Nilton Neves, Bob Burnquist, Danny Way, Jimmy (california local guy), Jordan Price – there are many that it’s hard to remember all of them. Jake Phelps (Thrasher Magazine) is fun to be around, he always makes me do something different.

How did you get started with riding the Mega-Ramps? Can you describe the feeling you get riding down the big ramp, jumping the space between the ramps and then blasting out on the big halfpipe? It must be mad!

Bob is the Guy. He showed me the way to do it, he permitted me to do it. I’m glad because it is the most scary shit of my life!!!! I always think that I can die on that shit, but when I finish the session I feel great! (Europeskate comment: Good to hear that the skaters that actually have the guts to skate this monster of a ramp are impressed by it as well!!)

So what is your favorite trick (any terrain)? And are you working on learning something new?

540s are my favorite, but I want to do them all. Every trick is sick.

Do you feel any pressure skating at such at high level, traveling and skating for sponsors?

Not at all. For me it is all like playing a game. It is always fun. My dad is the one getting more pressure, he is the one dealing with the sponsors and the traveling shit. All I do is have fun.

all-round talented skater - Pedro Barros

As so many videos are out there and many being released, will we be seeing you in any new videos coming out soon?

I don’t know. I do a lot of things here in Brazil, but out there in America where the most videos are, I didn’t have time yet to be on one of these.

Do you have any favorite skate video parts that you like to watch?

Any think with Runnie (Rune Glifberg) and Bob is crazy to watch.

Tell us how a typical day in the life of Pedro Barros looks like!

hehhehehehhee, surf in the morning, school in the afternoon, skate after skate and be around my friends and family every single day.

What are your plans for the rest of 2009?

Pro Tec Pool Party, Europe, Maloof Money Cup, X Games and some of these big contests that we have here in Brazil.

That’s a wrap. Big big thank you to Pedro Barros and his dad Andre for this interview. Keep it up Pedro, it’s just great to see so much talent and style on a board. All the best for the future and we really hope to meet up some time soon in Europe!

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