Pedro Silva Barros on the Mega Ramp!

Pedro Silva Barros on the Mega Ramp!

This is why I just love skateboarding and photography – you will never reach a point in time when you can say, that’s all folks. I’ve seen it all. The mega ramp is one of those topics in life which just help me remember why being alive is so much fun.

Here’s a picture which floated into my email box a couple of days ago and after finally opening it up I got this great picture of 13 year old Pedro Silva Barros doing a massive backside air on the Mega Ramp in Sao Paolo – yeah, the same ramp which took out Danny Way. 13 seems to be the number right now, my son is turning 13 tomorrow and I started skating vert at the age of 13…umhhh, 23 years ago…

Pedro Barros flying high on the Mega Ramp
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