Phil Zwijsen Time Chase Video

Time to blow yourself away again with another incredible full video part, this time Phil Zwijsen has outdone himself with skateboarding from another solar system. His energetic and stylish skateboarding has him powering through an array of spots which most of us would probably not even try to jump done, let alone skate while combining several crazy hard tricks.

Not only is the skateboarding the bomb, the whole filming concept by Paul Labadie who works for Antiz Skateboards and the graphical animation work involved and created by Vincent Guillermin deserves a huge mention as well (I love the huge arms sculpture thingies in there!). Check out the interview with these guys over on the Carhart WIP website to get some behind the scenes info to this great video. Oh yeah, some guest skateboarding can be seen as well from friends Rob Smith, Bram De Cleen and Ross McGouran.

Phil Zwijsen's Time Chase a Skateboard video by kingpin

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