Phillip Schuster and Trottoir Skateboarding

Trottoir Skateboarding

If you know your skateboarders in Europe than you have heard about the Austrian skater Philipp Schuster (Globe, Blind, Planet Earth, Red Bull) who in the last few years has ripped the skate scene with wins at the X-Games in China, being crowned „Skateboarder of the Year 2006“ at the Etnies European Open in Rome and selected by European skateboard media as the “Rookie of the Year 2006”. To top it all off he won the European Championships 2007 in Basel, Switzerland after winning in a field of 220 skaters.

Besides skateboarding Philipp has found the time to start up his own web magazine going by the name of “Trottoir Skateboarding” which he hopes to turn into a print magazine sometime in the future. Great to see the energy he puts into everything he does, looking forward to what happens over on the site.

Philipp Schuster
Images thanks to Globe Shoes

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