Photographer checkout: Benjamin Gleichmar

Photographer checkout - Benjamin Gleichmar

Running a website about skateboarding is going to get you involved with skaters, the companies working in the industry and other people reporting/documenting/capturing moments of skateboarding in words, on video or camera film on a daily basis. This is part of what pushes me to sit down and write about our passion daily and to get to know people who share this feeling with me.

One of the skaters I get to ride with in the Hamburg skate hall is Benjamin Gleichmar. A young guy who has invested most of his money into getting his photography kit together and working hard on putting out good pictures. Take a look at some of his work.

Benjamin was born December 12th, 1987. Here’s what he has to say about himself:

Benjamin Gleichmar - portrait
Benjamin Gleichmar – self portrait

My name’s Benny and I don’t really know how I got around to photography.I always wanted to take pictures but a SLR camera was my dream even though it used to cost thousands of euros when I was younger. Because I’ve always really liked fisheye photography I bought a lomo fisheye camera for 30 €. I had a lot of fun with it and worked hard on my pictures. But that wasn’t enough: I needed a real camera. I almost bought a Canon EOS analogue camera but yet again because of the money I couldn’t buy it.

Around one year later I was able to afford a Nikon digital SLR. Sicne then there is no stopping me with the photography and my bank account hates me. But my love for taking pictures just won’t stop!

Benjamin Gleichmar photos 1
Benjamin Gleichmar photos 2
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