Picking up on my spanish to find the skate parks!

It is a lot more work than one would imagine to actually find the parks and especially to get the exact addresses and that in spanish! Well, no excuse for me. My mom is spanish and I used to be able to speak the language but I’m getting old and rusty so I am combing through the cobwebs and reading the dictionary. New words for today:

un bordillo: the curb
encerado: waxed (I think that’s what it means!)

And to make sure the right people get the respect that is due, here are the websites I am going through to get the spots, so go and check their sites out as well if you are planning a Spain trip:

So I’ll carry on with adding in those parks – it sure is a good way to get your mouth watering early in the morning, seeing all these good places to skate!

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