Plan B puts out issue #2 of the B-Zine

Plan B puts out issue #2 of the B-Zine

Skateboarding business just like any business is a lot about hype, about marketing, about placing your products. Plan B have a smart strategy at the moment to help push the brand by announcing the release of the Superfuture promo video and at the same time bringing out a free online magazine entitled B-Zine which has just seen the second issue come out. It’s packed with visuals from the filming of the video and I couldn’t miss out on letting you know about it as many of the pictures (some already known) are seriously breathtaking. Make sure you check it out and you can also download the first issue of the mag as a PDF file and print it out if you want to hold it in your hands.

Plan B website / Issue #2 of the B-Zine
– Download issue #1 of the B-Zine here!

B-Zine page 1
B-Zine Part 2
B-Zine Part 3
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