Plan B release 14 minute Superfuture video

Plan B release 14 minute Superfuture video

Making money from a skateboard video is looking like a tough business model for the future as more and more companies are taking their latest video releases and throwing them online for free.

Plan B takes it even further with this 14 minute full on video with the entire team entitled Superfuture. Scott Decenzo is just a beast on ledges and rails, Danny Way is – well he’s just Danny Way, that’s too much for my brain to take in at this time of day or actually any time of the day. I mean, what’s he doing in the mega ramp???? Okay, I’m not going to spill the beans on all of it – watch it, it’s a must!

I did add in the video in two parts which were of course already on YouTube, but these really are pretty bad versions so head over to the new Plan B site and watch it there!

Superfuture – Part 1 of 2
Superfuture – Part 2 of 2
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