Playstation C.O.S Cup results from Weil am Rhein, Germany

Club of Skaters Cup 2007

More results coming in from the C.O.S Cup out of Weil am Rhein in Germany (thanks to Dörte Wichmann for sending them in!). Just so that you know what this is, the contest series is the official German skateboard championships and used to allow skaters to qualify themselves for the Münster Monstership – which has hit some hard times in the last few years with sponsoring problems.

Now the C.O.S Cup (also known as the Club of Skaters) has moved forward, giving the all-round winner of the event the chance to win a wildcard to the Slam City Jam 2008 in Vancouver, Canada! And the top three finalists at the C.O.S. Cup finals – which will be taking place September 29th and 30th in Hamburg, Germany in the Thomas I-Punkt skatepark – will be invited to the T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds in Berlin October 12th/13th.

Weil am Rhein winners!

Okay, now before I go off on a tangent, let me get the results of the latest street contest in Weil am Rhein for you. And even if you think you don’t know your German skaters, just take a look at the picture above of the top three winners and I bet someone is quite familiar. Yeah, these guys have the board control…so here are the results:

1. Lem Villemin
2. Alex Mizurov
3. Louis Taubert
4. Benni Markstein
5. Yannick Schall
6. Glenn Michelfelder
7. Norbert Szombati
8. Sascha Ewest

And who has a chance for the wildcard spot at the Slam City Jam 2008? I’d say the following skaters and the winner of the final gets 1000 points so it will be a good contest to watch:

1. Louis Taubert 2600 points
2. Alex Mizurov 2500 points
3. Yannick Schall 2200 points
4. Sascha Ewest 2000 points
5. Lem Villemin 1900 points (with only two out of the three contests)

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