Police brutality against 14 year old skater caught on video

Police brutality in Baltimore against skater

This time we are over in Baltimore, Maryland in the good old USA where we get to watch a “cop” completely overreact in an insanely stupid looking uniform (I don’t hate cops or anything, most likely because over here in Germany their much more leniant towards skateboarding) which reminds me more of people who take your ride ticket in Disney World or something like that. So he’s not really giving the impression of somebody you should respect. But okay, the kids are skating in an area where it is forbidden. So it may suck but a ticket would do the job.

Not for this guy. He obviously has some serious problems with getting respect (well, try new clothes and doing exercise “dude” *hehe*, you’ll get the joke when you watch the video!) so he decides to teach this poor skater some by strangle holding him and pushing him on the ground along with varios abusive statements. Luckily enough, he didn’t notice the camera and he has been officialy suspended. It is really too bad that police officers who take their job seriously are assumed to be similar to these Rambo-type of cops of which too many seem to be running around acting tough. Here’s the video for you:

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