Police search for German Autobahn downhill skater

Police search for German Autobahn downhill skater

Downhill skateboarding can be a load of fun, I used to do it a lot when I lived in the south of Germany. We drove up some larger hills in the early evening in a car and one guy drove the car down behind the people skating down the hill to give us light. So we had our share of smash-ups, hippers and bleeding burns.

But this following video is going a few steps further…quite cool but definitely risky. An unknown skater let himself be towed onto the German autobahn between Ulm and Stuttgart (A8) with a motorcycle and coasted down a well known steep section (the Drackensteiner Hang close to Göppingen) with speeds up to 100 km or 60 mph!! (editor note: I first said 160 mph but thanks for the correction!) Yeah, now that’s fast…he looked quite professional and he had a team of cars behind him blocking traffic.

The skater faces a stiff fine or even a prison sentence if caught but up till today no witnesses have come forward…

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