Pontus Alv Is In Search Of The Miracolous

Pontus Alv Is In Search Of The Miracolous

I guess we can almost say that Pontus Alv is something like a legend in skateboarding, especially in the northern European countries and for those skaters out there who have been living skateboarding with OR without the big hype for many years. Five years after the release of “Strongest of the Strange” the next video clip entitled “In Search Of The Miracolous” has been unleashed on the eyes of viewers in several cities as of today.

I’ll finally to get to see the premiere in Hamburg on July 6th with Pontus Alv himself making an appearance as well. Check out the following links for more information about the video and if you have some time have a look at the video clip below with Pontus giving us a little insight into his latest video effort.

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