Pontus Alvs Steppe Side bowl destroyed for the second time!

Steppe Side bowl destroyed

Unbelievable but true, the Steppe Side bowl in Malmö, Sweden – a self-made concrete bowl skate thingie – has been destroyed by unknown twats for yet the second time around already. Check out the pictures further in the article. But like someone did mention, maybe it should be made very public through the local media in case someone thinks they are doing the right thing to keep people from skating there. Still stupid….

I grabbed this statement off the Sidewalk Skateboarding forum from one of the moderators, ciaran: “The Steppe Side bowl/park/structure is built on the foundations of an old chemical factory and the land for an entire city block which has been poisoned from years of chemical spills beforehand, so the landowner can’t sell it for development of any kind. Along with the bowl, there’s also a group of homeless folks camping out there and from what the locals told me, the landowner was ok with them building the bowl there.” Man, that just sucks, even out in the middle of nowhere you get messed with for skating…

Steppe Side after the destruction

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