Private ramps banned in Salt Lake City, Utah

I grew up in America, I learned to skate in America, I have an American passport…and it just happens way too often that I am happy to be living in an open-minded country like Germany where you don’t get nearly as much hassle for skateboarding as one does in the States with the tickets, fines, signs against skateboarding, whatever it is – it just seems to be way over the top for something as harmless as skateboarding.

Well, it continues over in Salt Lake City, Utah as the local government has decided to pass an ordinance to ban all ramps (present or future) on residential property. WHAT? Yeah, so if you have a ramp right now they can tell you to take it down. because of the “Community Noise Pollution Control Regulation”.

Skatedaily posted this info and the idea for a petition site against this resolution came from Nick Hale who had just re-layered his mini ramp with brand new Skatelite. The local city officials came by to inform him of the new regulation which also meant that his ramp was illegal. Because of this he put together the website to allow for us all to show our support against this madness.

P.S.: how about trading some of our legal spots here in Germany for a the possibility that we can build backyard ramps? Now that’s something that doesn’t happen often here as living space does not allow for ramps in gardens…just doesn’t happen here also due to the noise factor. So not everything is better here…

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