Pro-tec Pool Party 2011 Contest Results

Of course I didn’t stay up last night to watch the live webcast from the Pro-tec Pool Party 2011 – I mean, I believe I am quite dedicated to keeping up with the latest in skateboarding but staying up until 2 in the morning to start watching it is stretching it a bit. So I will be waiting for the videos to turn up on the web but we do have the results. Pedro Barros continues his winning streak in the pro division and Chris Miller returned to conquer the Masters division yet again. And it is great to hear that Tony Hawk also came back from his contest retirement to take 4th place! Here are the results:

Pro Division:
1. Pedro Barros
2. Rune Glifberg
3. Andy MacDonald
4. Nolan Monroe
5. Alex Perelson

Masters Division:
1. Chris Miller
2. Steve Caballero
3. Lance Mountain
4. Tony Hawk
5. Eric Nash

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