Pro-Tec pool party comes to Europe October 27th

This coming weekend the Pro-Tec Pool Party arrives in Europe to celebrate pool riding at the Block skatepark in Winterthur, Switzerland. This competition has been going on for several years in America succesfully and it is the first time ever in Switzerland. The contest will be a one day event for bowl riders.

Old and new school skaters will get to come together to rip together in the WInterthur bowl, one of the first wooden bowls with a cradle in Europe. I rode this thing ten years ago and it was smooth as silk – a little small with the transitions, but believe me, you can go nuts in this beauty! 8 riders will get the chance to reach the half-finals with 32 riders tops in the competition. These riders will then go head to head against invited guest skaters from around Europe.

Jam sessions will be held between the final runs and a best trick contest will let you see what really can be done in the bowl.

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