Pro-Tec Pool Party results from Switzerland

These results just came in pretty late but hey, better than never. The Pro-Tec Pool Party took place in the Blockx skatepark in Winterthur, Switzerland October 27th with quite a line-up of riders taking part in the one day event. Check out who won and some of the insane riding that went on…

Here are the results for ya:

1 Iouri Podladtchikov Switzerland
2 Lukas Halter Switzerland
3 Micky Iglesias Switzerland
4 Ross McGouran UK
5 Jussi Korhonen Finland
6 Ferit Batir Austria
7 Oliver Gordon Austria
8 Lukas “Guggi” Thomas Switzerland
9 Eric Lazzaretti Switzerland
10 Greg Page Switzerland

Ferit Batir won the best trick contest with a big-ass frontside grind in the cradle, nice one!

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