Product Check – Lawless Wood Skateboards

Product Check - Lawless Wood Skateboards

Finally getting around to integrating the Product Check area into the Europeskate site. I am going to restrain myself from writing up “what a great product” reviews because it’s up to your choice in my eyes what you buy, wear or ride. I just personally like to know what’s available in the market: decks, trucks, shoes, clothes – you name it, it will land in here.

Lawless Wood skate decks

Lawless Wood Skateboard Co. started out 2002 as a support to the local skateboard scene around M├â┬Ânchengladbach, Germany / Venlo, Netherlands. I hooked up with the owner and he sent over a test deck immediately which has been skated extensively in the meantime. Shallow concave and your regular Canadian maple quality.

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