Product Check-Out: Vans 80’s Craze Pack

Product Check-Out: Vans 80's Craze Pack

Hmmm, we could maybe talk about the name but with the number of new shoe styles and collaborations Vans is coming out with, it can proof difficult to find a name that will satisfy everyone. Not that the name even bothers me…yeah, whatever.

Vans has been releasing their Fall 2008 Collection and the above named 80’s Craze Pack is a part of it. So what’s it about? It’s a package made up of three different color styles of the Vans Half Cab model made of selected leathers and suede (maybe someone could elaborate on this topic – what exactly are selected or premium materials like leather and suede?) which pick up topics and looks of the 80’s.

This selected shoe (picture made courtesy of shown here features some black on white visuals on the side of the sole and a skateboard/lightning bolt mix on ths side of the shoe

Vans 80's Craze Pack picture 1
Vans 80's Craze Pack picture 2

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