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This note doesn’t have much to do with skating (just yet) or does it? I want to promote another site I just launched called “Give Earth a Hand” – it’s a network like MySpace and all the others but it has a big difference which makes it special. It allows the members to help support ecologically oriented non-profit projects worldwide. Members of the community can blog, meet other people, well just about anything you know from other sites of this kind, but they may also join the Earth Chain by donating two Euros (yeah, that’s it!

So drink just one beer less tonight and you’ve already helped out!) and they get their place in the Chain!

That’s all. Simple idea and hopefully effective. Once the chain is complete – 1,290,000 million people – at least 13 projects will receive 100.000 Euros. I am hoping that the advertising on the site will take off, thus the site will be able to donate even more to the fund!

For the future an e-mailing and chat system will be available. And I am looking into the idea of setting up subdomains like “” and targeting certain groups.

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