Puzzle Video Mag May/June out now for free

Puzzel Video Magazine

The new Puzzle video issue May / June is on free download at www.puzzlevideo.com. This new issue comes with a mjor focus on of Alessandro Magnani who really lays down some styling on the board and at the same time some tough tricks to say the least, the Element team work featuring Bas Janssen, Michael Mackrodt, Lucian Clarke, Jo Lorenz, Gauthier Rouger, and Ruben Rodrigues. – all of these skaters make you want to grab your board and get out there to learn something new. And the Jumble with the 3 Nielsen brothers : Thomas, Michael, Soren, Raphael Brunis and the cover guy Vlad Esaulkov who is not joking with the ledges. And don’t skip the outro which is the 2001 part of Florentin Marfaing – 7 years back and ripping it well!

Puzzle Video Mag May/June 2008

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