Puzzle Video May and June Issue 2009

Puzzle Video May and June Issue 2009

The latest Puzzle Video May and June Issue 2009 is available for download and for free right now on the Puzzle Video website so get on over there. Here’s what to expect:

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With the Italian Daniel Cardone, the Danish Rene Villumsen and the American Walker Reyan…
An impressive mix! Filmed by Regis Leon, Tomu Toiminen & Claus Andersen; Song: Jon Kennedy – “Throwback”

One day with Adrien Bulard

“The first thing he does: put his bag on, put his skate shoes on, and go wherever he can skate by night, by day… No matter, he is always ready to skate !”; Filmed by Marc Haziza; Songs: Jon Kennedy – “A Sure Thing Extended” & “Live Test”

Focus Juliano Guimaraes

Rodrigo Petersen is proud to introduce us the Brazilian Juliano Guimaraes. He’s got the pop and style to match. Sequence : Juliano Guimaraes – Nollie back to switch fs crooks; Filmed by Julien Castel; Song: Yoka

BONUS GvR Eindhoven

Let’s watch what happened in Eindhoven (The Netherlands) during this first Eurpean edition of the competiton Goofy Vs. Regular. Meanwhile the coordinators of the contest had invited 3 filmers for a video competition. Here is the edit of the winner: Sander Ferdinand; Filmed & edited by Sander Ferdinand

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