Quiksilver Bowlriders Final Saturday Update

man oh man, what a great contest. And just to start this off right, Alain Mesquita from Brazil actually did a backflip over a hip yesterday!!!

It was fantastic to watch the live webcast and it sure made me hungry to go out and skate. The idea with six people in one heat is really what is good for this contest. But under the gruesome Swedish sun the skaters had to give it all, showing both stamina and skill on the board. Here’s the commentary straight off the Quiksilver Bowlriders site – they were there so let them speak!

“Incredible day here at Malmo’s prime Stappelbadsparken bowl. Every single rider is stoked to be able to ride this premium park. Big Ups to Malmo city for making this event possible!We went through eight breathtaking heats today with a few skateboarders making it to the quarter finals running tomorrow. Simon Stachon, Freddy Autsbo, Jocke Olsson and Alain Mesquita have really been the standouts although all skaters have shown their incredible varying approaches in lines and tricks for the pleasure of an ever growing crowd with the weekend approaching. Make sure to check the photos and video highlights of the day. The quarter finals will kick off around about 2 PM Saturday (tomorow GMT+2) and you can be assured of some crazy skating with James “stenti” Stentiford as your host. Big Up to all riders, thanks for an incredible show. See you tomorow. ”

And this is the line-up for the quarter-finals today:
1/4 final 1: Chris Senn – Ross McGouran – Mattias Nylen – Simon Stachon – Lance Leicher – Nicky Guerrero

1/4 final 2: Rune Glifberg – Micky Iglesias – Fredrik Autsbo – Guillaume Moquin – Alex Giraud – Casper Plass

1/4 final 3: Alain Goikoetxea – Chris Cudlipp – Jocke Olsson – Tyler Mumma – Vince de Valle – Martin Jurasek

1/4 final 4: Daniel Cardone – Andy Scott – Iouri Podladchikov – Thomas Madsen – John Magnuson – Alain Mesquita

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