Quiksilver Stockholm halfpipe contest follow-up report

This is why I am running this site. Just by chance I found out a week after the contest that the Quiksilver Stockholm Invitational had taken place on October 20th at the Stockholm skatepark with some of Europe’s finest vert skaters battling it out on the great looking ramp. We were able to turn up some awesome video footage.

Thanks to the Anders from Vert.nu (a real good site for finding out what’s happening up in the Scandanavian countries – why do they always get the good concrete parks anyway *grin*?) we are able to show you well made video footage about what went on that day on the ramp. Great skateboarding and a good vibration came through when I watched the video and I have to say, I watched it a few times. I know I’ll be back in the halfpipe this evening!

The event ended with Jocke Olsson taking first, Jussi Korhonen in second and Casper Plass in third. Enjoy the video…if you want the widescreen good quality version, go visit the Vert.nu site!

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