RaD skateboard magazine returns in digital format

RaD Skateboard Magazine

What a morning…my son (he’s 12 years old) moaning about his visit to the barber yesterday before having to face the perils of school children making fun of him, my dog taking a very wet crap in my office and me almost stepping in it in the dark and having to clean it up first thing in the morning. Yuck!

Well, good things do happen as well and I luckily just stumbled across the “When We Was Rad” website which covers the history of the R.a.D skateboard magazine out of England. Here’s how they describe what they are doing on the site and have a look at Steve Caballero back in 1981!

“R.a.D Magazine was a British skateboard magazine published between 1987 and 1993. The magazine evolved out of the BMX magazine, BMX Action Bike, survived for a few tumultuous years and then blew to bits. When R.a.D was sold to a new publisher, the team who produced it decided to strike out on their own. They produced three issues of a new type of magazine called Phat, which got caught up in an explosion of outrage about teenage culture and was pulled off the shelves. R.a.D itself fizzled out after a while and the title was swallowed up as part of Sidewalk Magazine.This site is dedicated to R.a.D Magazine in the crucial years up until 1993.The plan is to re-publish each magazine, a page at a time, until the whole lot is here. In some cases I have access to backup disks containing the original text, but in others we will have to make do with just scans.”

Get more goodies over at the When We Was Rad website.

RaD Skateboard magazine from 1981

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