Ray Underhill passes away August 1st,2008

Ray Underhill

Death is for me always something sad, when someone you have known, experienced something with or you just could relate to is not there anymore, at least physically. Ray Underhill passed away on Friday, August 1st, 2008 after several years of battling cancer.

He was known for those of us who started skating in the 70s or 80s as a part of the legendary Bones Brigade crew. Ray turned pro in 1987 and was sponsored by Powell Peralta. He was featured in the Bones Brigade videos The Search For Animal Chin (1987) and Ban This (1989), two videos which formed many skaters I know.

He leaves behind his family, wife and two children and many friends and fellow skaters. If you wish to leave your condolences you can go to the Ray Underhill website and leave a message on their message board.

Many websites and people are writing about his passing away, here’s just one of many videos dedicated to Ray. Sometimes it’s also good to just remember the good times and not be sad.

Rest in peace Ray and thanks for showing me and many others how skateboarding is always a part of our lives.

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