Real Skateboards Present Their Spring 2010 Catalog

Check out the Real Skateboards Spring 2010 Catalog!

Real Skateboards blasting out their Spring 2010 gear with a visual explosion!

Real Skateboards kick off their Spring 2010 online catalog with a news topic which is just plain terrible: the tragedy which is unfolding on Haiti. The good side to this story is that Real Skateboards has put together an “Actions REALized deck” which will be in skate shops and stores in the next two weeks with benefits from the sales going towards the Red Cross’s relief efforts in Haiti. Good move guys, always nice to see skateboarding showing itself from a sympathetic point of view. Besides this board there are also the “Creativity Explores” and the “Johnny Romano” decks which support good causes as well.

Haiti Relief deck

Moving forwards Busenitz blasts a huge nollie over a rail, James Hardy gets gnarly down some big flights of stairs, Justin Brock gets Extreme while drinking and smoking at the same time (check the video below!) and a bunch of new products get showcased.

The Ultra Radical deck and clothing series gives us a taste of the neon colors from the 80’s mixed with some comic book style designs from the depths of some twisted designers mind. Look good to me as somebody thought a bit more about the graphics than just adding a logo. I love graphics on my boards even though I do ride blanks here and there. Enough talk, click on the picture below to head over and check out the entire Real Skateboards Spring 2010 catalog.

Click right here for the entire Real Skateboards Spring 2010 catalog...

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