Real Skateboards Real Forever Decks And Mission Possible

Real Skateboards Real Forever Decks And Mission Possible

Getting harassed for skating spots – sounds familiar? Even worse when you are trying to land a trick for a photo shoot for an ad. Gabe Morford shows off his climbing skills with a little support from Chris Pfanner in the streets of San Francisco all just to get the right angle for Real Skateboard’s latest ad with Peter Ramondetta. Funny how sometimes the people who need to get exercise the most scream the loudest about how skaters are destroying everything. An I love Peter’s answer – “Oh really?” after the lady informs him there’s a ramp down the road *hehe* Click on the pic below to watch the video and check out Real Skateboards Real Forever deck line, I’ve got to get a Max Schaaf or Justin Brock deck somehow as it’s big enough for my vert fun!

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