Red Bull’s Manny Mania 2008 New York results

Red Bull's Manny Mania 2008 New York results

New York hosted one of the more interesting street oriented events this past weekend as the Red Bull Manny Mania contest took place. Luckily enough the weather turned out to be just right and at this invite only contest there were yet again a list of top skaters which can not be beat.

It all ran down to a battle between three skaters: Chico Brenes, Brandon biebel and Joey Brezinski. They received 15 minutes of practice before they battled it out between each other for 8 minutes straight. Here are a few of the tricks these guys laid down in the finals and yes, your chin may fall down a bit when you read them:

Chico Brenes – frontside bigspin to switch manuals
Brandon Biebel – nollie halfcab heelflip to switch nosemanual 180
Joey Brezinski – half-cab manual to frontside board on the flatbar

At the end of the intense session Joey skated away with the win for the second year in a row and took home $10,000 dollars!

Manny Mania course overview

Final Results of the Many Mania 2008 in New York

1. Joey Brezinski
2. Brandon Biebel
3. Chico Brenes
4. Eli Reed
5. Malcom Watson
6. Kelly Hart
7. Stevie Williams
8. Sad
9. Danny Falla
10. Jason Dill
11. Daniel Lebron
12. Gary Smith
13. Jereme Rogers
14. Kenny Anderson
15. Dennis Busenitz
16. Jack Curtin
17. Tim O’Conner
18. Rodrigo Peterson
19. Rob Welsh
20. Jon Newport
21. Brian Wenning
22. Lenny Rivas
23. Bobby Worrest
24. Stefan Janoski
25. Richard Angelides

The contest itself was judged by Eric Koston, Steve Berra, Rodney Torres and Dan Pensyl.

– Red Bull Manny Mania 2008 website

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