Regular wins the Etnies Goofy vs Regular 2007

Back again for the fourth year in a row with the Goofy team up with 2 wins to the Regular team with one win and looking to tie the score. And just that happened this year as the Regular team had their comeback with a surprise win from a new name on the scene, Luan de Oliviera

Just so that you can read up on how the how contest is run and judged, here’s the synopsis from Etnies website:

SLAP Magazine’s Mark Whiteley is the team captains for the Regular team while The Skateboard Mag’s Dave Swift is team captain for the Goofy team. Each team captain picks five skaters to pre-qualify for their team. These five pre-qualified skaters—the starting five– will go straight into the GvR finals on Sunday.

On Saturday, qualifiers for the rest of the Goofy and Regular Team skaters take place. The Goofy and Regular skaters will compete to make the cut of ten for each team. The ten from each team then join the five pre-chosen skaters and these fifteen skaters then comprise each team for the finals on Sunday.

During Sunday’s finals, skaters on both teams will compete in two distinct sessions. In the first half, a coin toss will determine which team skates first. Each of the three heats will feature five different skaters from both Teams who will skate one introductory run followed by a five-minute jam. In the second half, each team, goofy and regular, will skate in two 10-minute jams.

Each team may substitute freely after five minutes of the heat, however, the starting five for each jam must be different. Injury substitutions are allowed at any time. There will be two Heats for each team, Regular and Goofy. Finally, if less than 25 points separates the two teams, the team that is behind in overall score will challenge the other Team to a game of SKATE in any area or on any obstacle in the skatepark they choose. Each team will pick two skaters to go head-to-head and the winning team will receive an extra 25 bonus points towards their overall score.

Luan de Oliviera

Here’ are the results from the weekend at the etnies Skatepark of Lake Forest in California!

1. Luan De Oliveira
2. Rick McCrank
3. Sean Malto
4. David Loy
5. Leo Romero
6. Ryan Sheckler
7. Fabrizio Santos
8. Andrew Reynolds
9. Billy Marks
10. Tulio de Oliveira
11. Kurtis Colamonico
12. Ryan DeCenzo
13. Andrew Langi
14. Vince del Valle
15. Terell Robinson
16. Jereme Rogers
17. Nyjah Houston
18. Tyler Hendley
19. Danny Cerezini
20. Chad Fernandez
21. Nick Fiorini
22. Greg Lutzka
23. Alex Olson
24. Jordan Hoffart
25. Morgan Smith
26. Collin Provost
27. Darrell Stanton
28. Taylor Bingaman
29. Rodrigo Leal
30. Joey Brezinski

MVP were Rick McCrank and Tyler Hendley.

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