Regular wins the GVR contest!

Regular wins the GVR contest!

Just as if I knew what the outcome of the contest would be…didn’t I say regular was going to win? Okay okay, I am biased and according to what I’ve been reading across the web the entire contest was so close at the end the judges could not decide which team won so what better way to decide the final results than with e Game of S.K.A.T.E???

Chris Cole and Andrew Langi (Regulars) and Tyler Hendley and Justin Figueroa (Goofies) held their stuff down the double set/hubbas but after a long weekend it was the Regulars who took home victory and broke the tie in the fifth edition of this contest series.

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The final results:

Team Regular

1.Chris Cole
2. Andrew Langi
3. Julian Christianson
4. Carlos de Andrade
5. Chris Troy
6. David Loy
7. Fabrizio Santos
8. Rick McCrank
9. Kurtis Colamonico
10. Austen Seaholm
11. Sean Malto
12. Steve Reeves
13. Chris Mendes
14. Adam Dyet
15. Danilo Do Rosario

MVP: Chris Cole

Team Goofy

1. Tyler Hendley
2. Jereme Rogers
3. Justin Figueroa
4. Rodolfo Ramos
5. Chad Bartie
6. Caswell Berry
7. Brandon Westgate
8. Darrell Stanton
9. Taylor Smith
10. Alex Olson
11. Felipe Gustavo
12. Tom Fynn
13. Morgan Smith
14. Kevin Romar
15. Helder Lima

MVP: Justin Figueroa

Ladies Street Jam Final Overall Results

1. Rachel Reinhard
2. Lacey Baker
3. Leticia Bufoni
4. Marisa Dal Santo
5. Amy Caron
6. Vanessa Torres
7. Lorena Lima
8. Lyn-z Adams Hawkins
9. Abisha Alshebaiki
10. Tamara Drybrough
11. Maura Gallegos
12. Elizabeth Nitu
13. Kayla Clark
14. Evelien Bouilliart
15. Brooke Durgin
16. Alison “Nugget” Matasi
16. Erin Wolfkiel
18. Monica Silva
19. Alize Montes
20. Cara Lawson

Zumiez Couch Best Trick

1. Rodolfo Ramos
Frontside 180 switch krooked grind to frontside half cab out

2. Julien Christinason
Nollie heelflip to feeble grind

3. Cody Davis
Kickflip backside smith to backside 180 out

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