Results coming in for the World Skateboarding Rotterdam 2007

Sandro Dias

As we speak the contest is going on and we have just received the qualification results for both street and vert, here they are for you:

Street Qualification (first 10, 40 qualified for the semi-finals!):

1 David Loy, Santa Ana, USA.85.33
2 Adam Dyet, Saltlake, USA. 85.33
3 Peter Molec, Zvvolenska Slatina, SLO.85.00
4 Eero Anttila, Tampere, FIN.83.00
5 Daniel Vieira, Parana, BRA.83.00
6 Rob Maatman, Deventer, NL.82.33
7 Dominik Dietrich, Telfs, Austria.81.67
8 Freddy Austbo,Stavanger, NOR.81.33
9 Arto Saari, Huntington Beach, USA.81.33
10 Ricardo Oliveira , Uberlandia, BRA.81.00

Halfpipe Qualification (through to the finals):

1 Sandro Dias
2 Jurgen Horrwarth
3 Neal Hendrix
4 Renton Millar
5 Rune Gliffberg
6 Trevor Ward
7 Terence Bougdour
8 Sam Beckett
9 Nicky Guerrero
10 Sascha Muller

Like I said as we speak the semi-finals in street are happening, here is the schedule for today:

12:00 Start Street Semi-finals
15:00 Start Vert finals (weather permitting)
16:00 Start Street finals

That said, more coming later this evening!

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