Results in for the Rip Curl Boardmasters 2007 in Newquay, England

After over a week of “extreme sport” ( I really can say that I hate that title for skateboarding or any “sport” like BMX, surfing….just cal it what it is! ) activities taking place at Fistral Beach in Newquay, England from August 6th till yesterday, the results are in from the contests.
The street contest took place at the Wooden Waves skatepark (a new one for our list!) and partners of the event included Vans, Pro-Tec Helmets and Eastpak. The results list is currently a bit short – I can’t believe only 4 skaters were involved – but what the hell, here are the street results:

1. Chris Oliver
2. Ben Raemers
3. Ross McGouran
4. Kris Vile

The field in both the street and vert competition was definitely cut a bit short due to the fact that the European Skateboard Championships were being held on the same weekend in Basel, Switzerland. But the field in the vert skateboard competition was still high class with riders like Jussi Korhonen, Terence Bougdour, Sam Beckett and Aussie Renton Millar battling out with 6 other skaters to take home the purse.

At the end of the day, Renton Millar won both the best trick contest and the vert competition putting two-time winner Terence Bougdour in second and Sam Beckett in third place. Renton’s pockets felt a lot better with $7000 bucks in them I bet….

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