Revolution Mother Hamburg concert pictures

We were lucky enough to hook up with Revolution Mother’s management before their concert in Hamburg on Saturday, October 6th and Rich was cool and put us on the guest list which was great because the concert had been long sold out due to the tour with Funeral For a Friend. And what a performance they laid down!

It didn’t take long for Mike Vallely(vocals), Jason Hampton (guitar), Colin Buis (bass) and Brendan Murphy (drums) to warm up in the packed Logo club and they delivered a great rock n roll show. Fast guitar riffs from Jason, Colin knocking out the bass one handed at times, Brendan going too fast for my camera (I could have kicked myself for actually forgetting to bring extra batteries, duh!) and Mike singing/screaming/writhing around all over the stage made it a concert to remember.

After the concert I caught Big Al a bit off guard as he was clearing up the stage as I asked if I could talk to the band. He had not been expecting to hear some American dude talking to him. But it went well *hehe* (don’t want Big Al being mad at you, he’s one big guy like his name says!) and we had a good talk with Colin, Jason and Brendon outside the venue

about the differences between crowds in Europe and the States, drinking, the German language and other assorted topics. So no, I didn’t do an interview and it was more fun that way to just hang out with them. Brendon was even trying to learn some German from us so he knows how to say “girl, you’re good looking!”…

A big thanks goes out to Rich Schaefer for letting us see Revolution Mother and greetings to the entire band. You rock and it was a great night, cheers! Hope to see you back in Germany soon! Make sure to check out the band site or their MySpace site to keep up with what they are doing.

Revolution Mother Band website

Revolution Mother on MySpace

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