Rhein Main Jam II September 7th with 2000 Euros

Rhein Main Jam II September 7th with 2000 Euros

The guys from Opposide DVD magazine in Germany have always been really active in the skateboarding scene, pulling out one contest event after another which are street-based and laid back events. The Rhein Main Jam II is as it says the second one of its kind, taking place in three different cities over the entire Sunday, September 7th 2008.

Three cities? Well Franfurt, Wiesbaden and Mainz are really close together when you look at the map below. The event is a 100% best street trick tour – no skate parks here. Anybody can enter for free and there’s 2000 Euros + stuff from plan b, nike sb, zooyork and red bull up for grabs.

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Tour stops:

10 am: frankfurt railslide shop
11 am: frankfurt hauptwache
14 pm: wiesbaden mauritiusplatz
17 pm: mainz goetheplatz
19 pm: mainz miniramp besides the Rhein river (free beer and BBQ!!!)

This event has no jury – the spectators/skaters decide who wins! 40 times 50 Euros cash straight in the pocket for every trick which gets the biggest yeah from the crowd so if you have some street skills and can get down to this part of Germany, make it – sounds like a lot of fun! Check the video of some of last year’s action…

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