Rhein Main Jam in September 15th in Frankfurt, Germany

For all of your street skaters hanging out in Germany around September 15th you can head on over towards Frankfurt to participate in the so-called 1. German REAL STREET skateboard contest which will be held only at street spots and not in any parks…back to the roots, very good idea!

This is a concept which should be respected and certainly followed by other contest organizers in the future. It has always been a bit weird for me as a vert/bowl dog to watch “street” skaters in indoor skateparks competing in street competitions. It just wasn’t real and people like myself even could get involved without really being that good at street skating just by using all of the transitions.. Maybe they should call it “skatepark contest” instead…whatever, that’s me going off on a tangent, let me get back to the real news.

The guys from the Opposide DVD Magazine are putting together this contest with support from Carhartt, ING Mailorder, RedBull, Zooyork, and the skate shops Railslide (Frankfurt) and Partizan (Mainz). 2000 Euros are in the prize purse plus lots of material prizes as well.

The format of the contest is based on 30 of Germany’s top skateboarding pros measuring their skill against local team riders from skate shops (have to find out if actually anyone can enter the contest!). No jury involved, just the skaters get to score each other by yelling their support. Sounds better and better! For each trick which has never been done before at the chosen spots, the lucky skater gets 100 Euros. This goes on until the 2000 Euros are used up!

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The first station is in Frankfurt at the “Bockenheimer Warte” – check the map above! The other spots will be announced once the contest starts but already we know that the whole event will travel through Wiesbaden and Mainz. At the end of the day there’s a barbecue and beer party being held outdoors in Mainz. Entry in the contest and watching it is of course for free.

If you want more info just check their website site at Opposide.de.

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