Rick McCrank gets new éS shoe and stars in a podcast

Rick McCrank eS Shoes and Mumble Magazine

Rick McCrank’s new éS pro model shoe, the Avers has received another new look and this time through a collaboration with Girl Skateboards which presents the Girl logo on the side panel and a repeated éS and Girl logo pattern on the footbed. The entire shoe was said to be inspired by his good friend and graffiti artist, Lee Matasi (RIP). It’s a good looking shoe (well talk about being impersonal here!) if you like to brownish/orange look. The Avers is also available 4 other color series.
And Rick isn’t just making/promoting/selling shoes…he does skate and he can talk as well. What am I blabbering about? Check it right here…

eS Shoe Rick McCrank

Over at Mumble Magazine a new podcast like series has been started which will ask quick questions to get quick answers. The first of the series begins with none other than Rick McCrank himself and he talks about skateboarding, motorcycles and fat cats.

Get over there and listen in on what Rick has to “mumble” about – sorry, couldn’t resist!

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