Roger Of The Month – March 2010

Roger Of The Month - March 2010

Tim and Eric get to be the Roger Of The Month for March 2010 – Roger Skateboards is good as usual.

Fun facts straight from Roger Skateboards:

Tim is 38, Eric is 21 which makes Tim easily old enough to be Eric’s father.
Tim and Eric are neighbors, but never hang out or see each other around.
Eric is in college and Tim barely finished high school.
Eric loves Go-gurt.
Eric loves his Airspeed brand shoes.
At any one time, Eric has up to 25 frozen pizzas in his freezer.
Tim was on a episode of SK8TV hosted by Skatemaster Tate. (home viewer video)
Tim didn’t win at hipster bingo, but got close. (is it even considered winning?)
It could be argued that Eric has had some of the worst haircuts in the history of mankind.
Tim has bad teeth.

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