Roll Weiter – Full Length Skate Video From Stuttgart

“Roll Weiter” is German and translated means basically “Keep on skating”. Michael Gutscher is the mastermind behind this full length video clip (42 minutes!) and with all the skaters involved being over 30 years old the idea was to show that even though we all get older, have a lot more work and private topics which take our time up, you can still find the time to go skate, hang out with friends, find new spots and evolve your skateboarding.

The creation of this well filmed and produced video took three years and travels all over Europe including Barcelona, Gran Canarys, Lissabon, Innsbruck and many more cities. Stuttgart, Germany is Miachael’s hometown so several of his local spots are of course integrated into the film.

It’s refeshing to watch a video which isn’t just full of skateboarding “superstars” and the real vibe of skating with friends and having fun is felt throughout the film. Sit back and enjoy “Roll Weiter”!

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