Torey Pudwill is the Matix Lord of The Lines 2008

Lord of the Lines 2008 contest

Update! Sorry, a friend of mine here decided to play a joke and added some other skater names in here…here’s the real score!

Events, sessions and contests. The schedule is packed at the moment and yet another contest, the Matix Lord of the Lines 2008, took place just this past weekend at the ASR in San Diego, California with the skateboard companies all there to represent, sell and compete. From what I’ve read the contest sounds just laid back and like a load of fun.

Three obstacles were set up (a manual pad, a flat bar and an up ledge) on a straight path for the riders and the only rules were to hit the three obstacles in a row with your best tricks. 15 skaters were involved with the top three heading to the final jam. 15 minutes for Torey Pudwill, Bobby Worrest and Joey Brezinski with Torey taking home $10,000 bucks for first place!

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