Rune Glifberg wins Volcom Big Gig mini ramp contest!

The action is over at the Volcom BigGig pro contest event which just finished with the contest shredder Rune Glifberg yet again taking home another first place in a contest, cashing in $10,000 bucks at the same time.

The action was intense on the 80 foot wide mini-ramp landscape which was constructed by Team Pain just for this event. Tomorrow the amateurs get to have their turn on the ramp so be sure to get over to the Volcom live webcast to catch some of the action. Here are the pro results:

1. Rune Glifberg – $10,000
2. Kyle Berard – $7,500
3. Mike Peterson – $5,000
4. Chet Thomas – $3,000
5. Remy Stratton – $2,000
6. Donny Barley – $1,500
7. Tyler Mumma – $1,000
8. Justin Strubing – $1,000
9. Will Powers – $1,000
10. Ben Schroeder – $1,000

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